How will the USIC Network help me get patients?
USIC promotes its brand on a national level, through a broad based marketing campaign, to accident victims seeking treatment. The national campaign also is directed toward personal injury attorneys looking for quality treatment facilities for their clients. The beneficiaries of all referrals derived from the USIC national campaign are the local USIC Network members who will receive referrals based on where the potential patient lives.  USIC Network members, armed with a national brand to work under, and an arsenal of marketing systems, tools, strategies, and materials, will generate more personal injury patients for themselves. Co-branded internet, television, print, radio, email, and direct mail campaigns should result in more personal injury patients for USIC Network members.
Can there be more than one member to a territory?
Members of the USIC network are given their own personal territory, and once that territory is purchased, no other members will be allowed access to that location. Patients acquired from the national campaign will be referred out by closest distance to the patient.
Can I collaborate with other Network members?
Networking and collaboration is encouraged between USIC Network members.  For example, a patient may contact a USIC Network member for treatment, but live too far a distance from the network member's office.  This referral can be sent to a USIC Network member office closer to the patient's home.  Additionally, Network members in the same advertising zone can pool resources to jointly promote their practices utilizing USIC branded commercials and advertisements. 
Can I purchase additional packages after I join?
The package offered to new members will cover all of the marketing basics required to attract new patients and grow your practice, however additional packages are available to help bring in even more business.
What If I have a problem, who can I speak to?
All USIC Network members will receive operations and marketing manuals which will answer many questions. Additionally, every new member will be scheduled for an in-depth consultation with a USIC consultant, who will personally answer questions, and develop an individually tailored marketing plan. USIC consultants are available on an ongoing basis by appointment to help members utilize all marketing systems more effectively. 

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